Air Conditioning Service

We would all love to reside in a comfortable and safe environment. If you live in regions where the summers are unbearably hot, then you probably understand the unrivalled amount of comfort and safety offered by air conditioning units. Since their inception, air conditioners have become arguably the most dependable home electrical devices thanks to the vast array of benefits they guarantee to homeowners.

Air conditioners not only cool your home’s interior to create a highly comfortable environment but equally enhances the quality of air inside your home. What’s more, modern air conditioning units boast disposable or washable filter media that effectively prevent pollutants and allergens from circulating in your entire interior spaces.

However, for homeowners to enjoy any of the above benefits, a proper and routine air conditioner is a must. A properly serviced and well-maintained air conditioner will not only function optimally but will also use relatively less amount of energy hence saving you lots of money in the long run.

So, what are the benefits of regular air conditioning service?

Extended Years of Service

Heating and cooling systems are amongst the most expensive home appliances. This is why you want to make the most out of yours by making sure it lasts fairly long. On average, an air conditioner should serve you for between ten to fifteen years. However, with regular air conditioner maintenance, you can extend the life of your unit by at least five more years.

Enhanced Safe Equipment Operation

A poorly maintained air conditioner can not only result in costly repairs but can also endanger the safety of your home. For instance, an electric-powered air conditioner can sometimes develop a short circuit, which can be a potentially dangerous fire hazard if not detected quite earlier. Also, your furnace could develop a crack in its heat exchanger, and this may cause the dangerous carbon monoxide gas to be released inside your home. With proper air conditioner maintenance, all these problems can be identified and addressed before they become life-threatening. Simply put, your family’s safety is another great reason to schedule regular air conditioner servicing.

Reduced Energy bills

When your air conditioner isn’t in great shape, it will likely strain to raise the desired level of comfort in your home. This only implies that the unit will likely use more energy leading to increased monthly energy bills. On the other hand, a properly maintained system uses less amount of energy, keeping your monthly utility bills as low as possible.

Fewer Repair Incidences

Regular air conditioner tune-up will help identify and diagnose any potential problems before they actually become disastrous. Repairing or replacing damaged and faulty parts will surely cost less than replacing the whole air conditioning unit as a result of a major breakdown or damage. During the sweltering heat in the summer, the last thing you would want is having a malfunctioning AC unit. Routine air conditioner service will greatly reduce the likelihood of an unplanned emergency repair.

Improved Air Quality

Apart from cooling your home and making it more comfortable, an air conditioner is supposed to provide your home with clean and fresh air. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained unit won’t achieve these requirements. Clogged and dirty filters will always prevent free air circulation and this will not only cause the unit to consume lots of energy but may also result in breathing and allergy problems. What’s more, a dirty air conditioner will likely fill your home with an unpleasant odour.

These are some of the most compelling reasons why you should seriously consider having your cooling and heating unit serviced regularly. HVAC experts recommend that you should have it serviced at least twice a year. Look for a qualified, licensed and experienced technician to carry out the maintenance task.

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