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Why should you get your AC serviced?

Like many other appliances in the home, the air conditioner is one that requires regular attention to make sure it is running at peak condition. Regular use of your cooling system creates a build up of dust, dirt, and allergens that can be unhealthy for the household.

But Quick Cooling’s regular maintenance can take care of this problem. We service your cooling system to make sure it’s clean and safe and making sure it stays as efficient as ever, saving you money and keeping your home fresh and cool throughout summer.

When should you get it serviced?

The summer months are when your cooling system is most in use, we recommend having one of our experienced technicians perform an inspection of your air conditioner in the cooler months leading up to this time. Like a check-up at the doctor, we can make sure that any minor issues are taken care before they have a chance to become big and costly complications, leaving you to enjoy your air conditioner throughout those scorching heatwaves.

Call Quick Cooling If your air conditioning unit:

  • Does not cool
  • Is leaking water
  • Has a strong unpleasant smell
  • Is not responding
  • Is leaking gas
  • Controller does not work
  • Is not draining properly
  • Is having overflow issues

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