Air Conditioning Bills

We all like to save as much money as we can, and looking to cut down on the power bill is no exception. The AC can be one of the main, if not the main factor in fluctuating the monthly price of your utilities. Just for you, we’ve got some helpful tips, both big and small, to effectively cut down on your air conditioning bill, allow you to perform simple air conditioner maintenance, and save you some money.

25°C : The Golden Number

The gist of how hard your air conditioner works is mainly due to how hot the environment is. The hotter the inside of the house, the more your AC works to get it down to the right temperature. The ideal temperature to set your thermostat to is 25°C. If you don’t have a thermostat, consider finding an air conditioner service to help you install one.

Your thermostat will automatically keep the air at this temperature, but you can adjust to a cooler temperature or turn it off entirely if you feel the need.

Give Your House Shade

For the outside of your house, consider planting trees for shade or tall shrubs. For the inside of your home, invest in a good set of blinds, proper curtains, mesh screens, or a tinted film to place on your windows and keep the interior of your house cooled down.

Replace Your Lightbulbs

Most homes use incandescent lightbulbs because they’re the cheapest option. They give off a lot of heat, however, so switching to CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) lightbulbs would not only heat your house less but save energy and last a much longer time than incandescent bulbs.

Also, remember to turn off the lights in rooms that you aren’t using or use natural light from the windows instead.

Regularly Replace Your Air Filter

People sometimes forget about changing the filter, but your air conditioner won’t circulate air properly if the filter is dirty or caked with dust. You only need to about once every few months, though monthly is a good idea if you have pets and children with or without allergies.

Make Use of the Ceiling Fan

Using your ceiling fan instead of your air conditioner can give your AC the rest it needs, especially if you’re the only one in the house and using just one room.

Produce Less Heat

Everything electronic – computers, stovetops, televisions, computers – will give off heat. Cut down your electronic usage time during the hottest parts of the day – or in general – and consider cooking outdoors if at all possible. At the very least, cook inside while the AC is off and open a door instead.

Fix Up the Windows

Sometimes the caulking on your windows can wear down and cause all the cold air to leak out, making your AC work far harder than it needs to. This issue might be so minor that you might not even realize it, so take the time to do a proper inspection of your windows and seal them back up if you need to.

Have a Professional Do Yearly Check-Ups

Look into a professional air conditioner service to come around at least once a year and check up on your air conditioner maintenance. A professional will check the levels of refrigerant, inspect for leaks, check that the unit connects correctly to your house, and most likely perform some air conditioner maintenance of their own like cleaning the fans and coils. If you need air conditioner repair, a professional will be able to tell you during that yearly check-in.

Replace Your Entire AC Unit

Sometimes you keep spending money on air conditioner repair when the issue turns out to be that your air conditioner is plain old. To cut down on the amount of air conditioner service and repairs you’ll need in the future, consider investing in a new model. Chances are it’ll circulate air much better and prove to be a lot more energy efficient than whatever you’re working with at the moment.

Air conditioner maintenance is a lot more critical than you might realize. Keeping your AC clean and your house cool is the secret to a lower power bill, so make sure you’re treating your air conditioner right.

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